Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time's Fun When You're Having Flies

Today’s prompt: That summer seemed to last forever

Amelia was a bookworm. If she wasn’t asleep, she had her nose in a book. Even while eating or on the toilet, she read a book. Her summer plans included reading all the books in the teen section of the library, but her parents had different ideas. “You need to get outdoors. Camp Runamuck will be perfect!” her mother said. “I went there when I was a kid. There’s canoeing on the lake, archery lessons, ghost stories around the campfire, and guess what? Boys!”
        Amelia had no choice. She went. That summer seemed to last forever—until she met Zack.

Let’s see what Jenna wrote:

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  1. Ah the plight of a bookworm. She probably snuck books with her. Maybe that's what Zack liked?