Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Faster than a Speeding Thumb

Today’s prompt: The text message simply said, ‘Very clever.’

My flash fiction was inspired by recent news stories.

        “Madame Secretary,” the ambassador said. “We have a lot more to discuss before we reach an understanding.”

        She didn’t answer. Her attention focused on the smart phone clutched in her hand.

        He cleared his throat. “The sanctions are intolerable.” 

        Still no response.

         Did she hear anything I said? “The sanctions will have to be lifted as part of any agreement.”

        Her thumbs tapped furiously.

        Frowning, he removed the phone from his pocket and thumbed a nuclear threat.

        She finally met his gaze, her eyes wide. She didn’t speak, but replied in kind. The text message simply said, ‘Very clever.’

Check out what Jenna wrote. I think you'll like it!


  1. Intriguing. It makes you wonder why she is behaving as well and who the players are.