Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Master of What?

        Julie’s computer whirred like a lawn mower, but she ignored it.
         “What’s that noise?” Courtney asked, standing at the bedroom door.
        “My computer.”
        “It sounds like it’s about to explode.”
        Julie laughed. “My report is due tomorrow.”
        Courtney thumbed her phone. “Seth’ll fix it for you.”
        “Keep your boyfriend away from my computer.” Julie knew what a geek Seth was. He called himself the cyber master of Arizona State. She’d dated him before Courtney had.
        Courtney had already received his text. “He said turn it off.”
        “But this is advice from the master!”
        “Master—my big fat broken heart.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Written in Blood

        The scriptwriters huddled together. They had to come up with an ending to the episode, one the audience would never expect.
        “What if the killer left a calling card?” Sid asked. “A teaser for the police.”
        “Like a rose?” Jake frowned. “Been done before.”
        Sid tried again. “What if the killer forgot his phone?”        
        “Too dumb.” 
        Molly was new to the group. She hesitated before offering her idea. ”What if the victim had tried to write something as he was dying?”
         Sid smirked. “With his blood?” 
         “Would he write the killer’s name?”  Jake asked.

        She laughed. “No, his blood type.”

Here's the link to other great flash fiction:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Naughty Prince

        “Have you completed the assignment, Your Majesty?” the tutor asked.
        The young prince smirked. He had enjoyed ten years of being totally irresponsible. No rules, no consequences and no homework.
        Sir William stroked his pointed beard. “If you don’t finish your Latin, the whipping boy will be summoned.”
        The prince laughed. “I’m not going to study the Latin, no matter how many times you whip the boy.”
        “Shall I bring up a girl?”
        “Oh, come now, Sir William. Even I’m not that big a scoundrel.”
        “I’ll be back in half an hour. I expect the assignment to be finished.”