Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Birthday!


Today’s prompt: When she opened the door, she wished . . .

        It was Aimee’s birthday, her twenty-ninth. The day she had dreaded all year. She thought birthdays were over-rated, like Valentine’s Day. No one had mentioned her birthday at work. Why celebrate it? Why celebrate growing old?
        Aimee was still single. Not unattractive exactly but not a hottie, either. She’d been married once and was hesitant to get involved again, especially with a boozer. Her ex liked to celebrate birthdays. It was an excuse to get drunk.
        When she opened the door, she wished she had a beer in the fridge. 
       “Surprise!” The whole office had squeezed into her living room.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dark Alaskan Night

Today’s prompt: She felt for the lock in the dark.

        Blast this Alaskan winter, Alison grumbled. Twenty hours of darkness. But she was getting used to it. This was her third winter at the oil rig north of Barrow. She managed the office, a better-paying job than the one she’d left in Seattle. She’d met her husband here, too. Jim was somewhere on the pipeline today. She sighed, missing his sweet good-morning kiss. Her boots crunched in the snow as she approached the office door. No light shone through the windows. She was the first to arrive. Key in hand, she felt for the lock in the dark.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Only Seconds

Today’s prompt: The attack was over in seconds

Brian called to his wife, “Alyssa, come watch this.”
“Is it the Budweiser commercial?”
“No, it’s the news.”
She brought a bowl of chips and dip into the living room where a special news bulletin had interrupted Super Bowl 50. 
“The electric grid’s been hacked,” Brian said. “The whole west coast is dark. They’re rioting in the streets.”
“We’re at war,” Alyssa said. “But who’s the enemy?”
He shrugged. “ISIS will claim responsibility, even if they’re not capable of it.”
“Hackers in China?”
“Maybe,” he said. “The attack was over in seconds, but suddenly we’re back in the Middle Ages.”

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