Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday

This week's prompt: 

She had found something that would mean she'd never be poor again--but there was a catch.

Tasanee climbed a mountain of black plastic bags and looked out at a world of rubbish—the Bangkok dump. A sickening stench wafted through the air, but with luck she’d find discarded rice cakes for breakfast. Suddenly she slipped, falling on her back. Her hand broke a bag and rancid grease squished through her fingers. When she pulled out her hand, a ring came with it. Its diamond gleamed in the sunlight. She had found something that would mean she’d never be poor again—but there was a catch. If I try to sell it, they’ll think I stole it.

I'm curious to see what other writers have done with this prompt, aren't you? Check out the links and find out.

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  1. I like the sensory details! great job!

  2. The sensory details were really well done. Can I just say eww?

  3. I loved that! And what a catch- I hope she figures out a way to sell it!