Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Slow Down!

Flash fiction is a fun and challenging writing exercise. I always enjoy WonHundredWord Wednesday.

Prompt: The accident was not her fault.

        Shattered glass littered the street. It crunched under the cop’s shoes as he walked around the dented SUV. Traffic had narrowed to one lane, backed-up for blocks.
        Tracy stood to the side, clutching her five year-old’s hand.  Dawson would be late for kindergarten, but at least he’d get there. The child in the car that hit theirs was not as fortunate. She’d already been transported to the hospital with her mother.
        The policeman approached Tracy, clipboard in hand.  “The tire treads tell the story,” he said. “The Hyundai had been speeding.”
        Tracy relaxed. The accident was not her fault.

Let’s see what the others wrote:

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  1. There's excellent descriptions in there. You can really feel the scene and how bad the accident was. Good take on the prompt.