Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Run for your life!

This week’s prompt: She was carried along by the crowd

        “Momma!” Calpurnia cried as her hand slipped from her mother’s grasp. She was carried along by the crowd, a flood of refugees fleeing the city. A horse and chariot plunged through the mob and she ducked under a wagon to escape being trampled.
        Suddenly a man lifted her up onto his shoulders. “Uncle Atticus!” she screamed.
        “Where’s your mother?”
        “I’m lost.”
        “We’ll find her.”   
        From atop her uncle’s shoulders, Calpurnia could see Mount Vesuvius and the looming cloud of black ash. Then she saw her mother. “Momma!”
        Atticus pushed through the crowd. “Follow me to the ship. We must hurry!”

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