Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Bully in the Classroom

This week’s flash fiction takes place in the classroom. Schools campaign against bullying but sometimes the teacher is the bully.

The prompt: His voice had never sounded so cold.

Mr. Garbett had been teaching math more than thirty years. Hallie knew this because he had taught algebra when her mother was in school. “We multiply the coefficients,” he droned in a nasal whine, all the while scribbling numbers on the white board. “What happens to the exponents in the equation?”  The room was silent. Seventh graders twirled their pencils and stared at the clock. Only Hallie raised her hand. “Multiply?” she guessed. “Have you been listening for the past half hour?” His voice had never sounded so cold. “Add?” she whimpered. “Give that girl a gold star. Class dismissed.”

I wonder what the others wrote. Let’s find out:

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