Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Curious Lookey-Loo


        “Are they still there?” Jim asked from behind the counter.
        “Yeah.” I had been watching them quarrel through the window—our store manager and the customer. “I think the boss is winning.”
        Jim smirked. “Are you sure? Isn’t the customer always right?”
        “Not when she walks out of the store without paying.” I sprayed Windex on the glass and rubbed circles, my ploy for being at the window and not behind the counter. “Uh, oh. Here come the cops.”
        “What’s she doing now?”
        “Running! And guess what she left behind?”
        “The stolen goods?”
        “Nah. “ I laughed. “Her high-heeled shoes.”

Let’s see what the others wrote with this prompt:

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