Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Too Much of a Good Thing

Today’s prompt: The whole family had been cursed since

Jimmy heard the horn beep and ran to the window. His father had parked a maroon Mustang in the driveway.
       ”Mom,” Jimmy called, “Dad bought a new car.”
       “Another one?” she asked. They both hurried outside.
       “I couldn’t’ resist,” Mr. Hopkins said. “It’s my color.”
       “But we already have two new cars,” Jimmy said.        “We’ll need a bigger garage,” Mrs. Hopkins said.
       “No,” her husband said. “A new house.”
       “Oh, darling!” She kissed his cheek.
       Jimmy frowned. The whole family had been cursed since Dad had won the lottery. Now they’d move and he would have to leave his friends.

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