Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A History Lesson

Today’s prompt: More and more people were refusing to obey the laws.

        The elder sat cross-legged at the fire, huddled under a threadbare blanket.  He gazed across the flames at his dirty-faced student.
        The boy yawned. 
        “Pay attention, Matthew,” the old man said. “You will be called upon to tell the history of our people after I’m gone.”
        Matthew scratched a mosquito bite. “I’m listening.”
        The elder grunted. “By 2035, more and more people were refusing to obey the laws,” he said. “The United States were no longer united.”
        “Who was president?” the boy asked.
        “I forget her name.” He spat. “The government was corrupt. No one could be trusted.”

Let’s see what the others wrote:

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